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I focus on the client who needs to direct their attention on other things besides a website! Although I will do traditonal business looking web design, or store shops, my niche is designing and managing websites who like the more artsy themed styles. I provide or offer everything you need for your site--hosting, email, Paypal, Facebook & Twitter setup and management. So, if you're tired of dealing with the web end of things yourself, and looking for someone to take the ball and run with it, I'll be glad to help you!

If you hire me, after our initial communication (normally by email, text, or phone call), once I receive your data, photos, and files you want on your website, etc., I begin the process of getting the site ready to go behind the scenes. Once I've completed the initial layout (usually ready within 2 weeks from initial contact), I'll contact you to have you view the work I've done so far. Then, after getting your input, I will add, adjust or correct anything that needs to be done. My goal is to please you by keeping things as simple as possible, which will alleviate a lot of frustration! Feel free to contact any of my clients, past or present. I believe you'll find you can trust me to design your site, and to manage it as well, taking most concerns off of you! Contact me at teri@tippey.com if you're ready to get started!


I enjoy writing Christian, Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, Inspirational, and Praise and Worship music. You can contact me at teri@tippey.com if you're interested in any of the songs. I've listed the music, trax, and words to each song for your convenience. I don't charge anything for personal use, or if you want to sing something in your church, but I do appreciated donations. I wish studio time was free, but it isn't! I truly hope my music is a blessing to you !


Under my Tippey Designs name, I have previously sold American Doll clothes, but since 2016, I've been in the role of a caretaker. I am still able to sew some gifts for people, but the time isn't available like it was. I'll see what happens in the future. Whenever I have a chance, I am learning how to quilt and embroidery. Besides making doll clothes, I also enjoy sewing make-up bags, tote bags, purses, table runners, coasters, placemats, microwave cozy bowls, t-shirt quilts, memory quilts, and more. Check out my Facebook page if you like hand made items!

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